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Colonoscopy Prep | How to Improve Boston Preparation Scales

Can I Have Your Experience With Colonoscopy Prep? I Have Noticed That Most of the Patients We Receive Don’t Have a Good Boston Score?

We had a similar experience as you and we have changed two essential aspects of colon prep. First, we created an instruction sheet for the patient and trained our nurses and secretaries to explain the preparation process, focusing on low fiber and zero seeds diet for at least three days, with a strict liquid diet the day before the procedure. In Germany, people like to eat bread with seeds. That’s a no for colon prep! The second key step was to focus on SPLIT prep. This has made a huge difference, half the dose the afternoon before the procedure and half the dose of colon prep the same day of the procedure, starting about 4 hours before the scheduled test. Our Boston Bowel Preparation Scales improved by at least 2 points, now they are an average of 8 points.

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