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Inflammatory Fibroid Polyps (IFP) or Vanek Tumors of the GI Tract

The images show Vanek tumors of the duodenum (left) and the stomach (right) (Stomach photo by @patholwaker)

Inflammatory fibroid polyps (IFP) or “Vanek tumors” are rare submucosal lesions arising from a reactive, benign granuloma-like process of the GI tract (1). This tumor is most commonly located in the stomach (70%), ileum (29%) and colon (6%) (2-4). Other locations such as esophagus, duodenum, ileum and gallbladder account each to 1% (1-3).

Patients with these tumors may present with abdominal pain, bleeding and obstructive signs. Diagnosis is made by histology. However, the endoscopic findings often show a submucosal lesion that is ulcerated or an elevated ulcer, such as these cases.

On histology the main characteristics are the presence of spindle cells, accompanied by vascular and fibroblastic proliferation and eosinophilic infiltration (2-4). Immunohistochemistry is important to distinguish IFP or Vanek tumors from GIST. Whereas GIST are CD-117 and DOG-1 positive, IFPs are CD-34 and Vimentin-positive, but NEGATIVE for CD-117, c-kit, DOG-1, S-100, desmin, ALK, and IgG4. Treatment generally consists of endoscopic or surgical resection of the lesion (5, 6).

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