Master the Technique of Endoscopic Polyp Resection with this Essential Medical Video

Are you an endoscopist looking to improve your skills when it comes to polyp resection during endoscopy? Polyp resection can be a challenging procedure, but with the right techniques, you can achieve optimal outcomes.

Our essential medical video teaches you the latest techniques for endoscopic polyp resection. You'll learn how to inject saline to reshape the polyp and use a snare for better results. Plus, our video covers the importance of complete pathologic resection with clear and lateral margins, and how to individualize the resection method based on patient and polyp characteristics.

With step-by-step guidance and detailed illustrations, our medical video takes you through the process of endoscopic polyp resection from start to finish. Plus, you'll learn how remote cautery can help eliminate potential residual neoplasia.

Don't leave polyp resection during endoscopy to chance. Master the technique with our essential medical video today! 

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